X-Mix Coat - Exterior Paints

Superior quality, economical polymer modified rendering for long-life protection of external interfaces.

X-Mix Coat is a superior quality, decorative, economical polymer modified rendering, primarily designed for longlife protection of external interfaces and can be easily and quickly applied just mix water with it.

X-Mix Coat is cement decorative coat which include special high strength hydraulic binders, selected well graded fillers, and special additives to enhance workability, water retention, adhesion and color stability against U.V and resistant to extreme weather conditions.


  • High quality control system for raw material selection and testing products.
  • Produced under strict mixing system.
  • Economic, fast and easy to use, only addition of water is required.
  • Excellent bonding, crack free, high resistance to water and extreme weather conditions.
  • Highly recommended in coastal area, due to its pureness and freeness of salts.
  • It is suitable for use internally and externally.
  • Stable colors against sun light & U.V.
  • Mix is applied either manually or Mechanical.
  • Available in multi colors, and in many selected textures.