Construction Chemicals

Ellipsis International Ltd is distributors of Leading Brands of Construction Chemicals like SIKA, Fosroc, BASF, Dr. Fixit & Mapei and supplies the following Construction Chemicals for various applications / solutions in day to day construction activities.

Chemical Admixtures are used to modify the Properties of fresh and hardened Concrete or Mortar. Details of available admixtures are as follows.

  • High Range Water Reducing Admixtures (Super Plasticisers)
  • Retarding and Water-Reducing Admixtures
  • Integral Waterproofing Admixtures from Basement to Roof.
  • Self-Compacting Concrete Admixtures
  • Water Reducing Admixtures for the Block Making (Pavers) Industry & Free cast Industry.
  • Air Entraining Admixtures
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Concrete Admixtures
  • Mortar Admixtures for Concrete Mortar and Masonry Building Applications.

Curing Membranes, Release Agents to Improve the Surface Finish of Concrete.

  • Shutter Release Agents, Surface Retarders, Floor Hardeners
  • Curing Compounds
  • Water Repellent Coatings

A Complete range of floor surfacing products designed to enhance the performance characteristics of both New & Old Concrete Floors.

  • Cement Grouts, Epoxy Grouts, Chemical Anchor

Jointing Materials used to act as a Bonding Agent to Provide Structural Integrity. We have extensive product portfolio of adhesives for Tiling and Structural Grade Bonding..

  • Tile Adhesive, Tile Grout and Concrete Bonding Agents.
  • Segmental bridge construction and general purpose concrete structural grade bonding with epoxy based adhesives

Coating to protect New & Existing Structures from attack by atmospheric Chlorides & Carbonation, or from Exposure to harmful Chemicals.

  • Anti – Carbonation Coating for Concrete
  • Chemical & Weather Resistant Protective Coating

Our high quality protective systems and repair materials can prolong the life of a structure way beyond its original design life. Primers, Cement and Resin based Materials to reinstate defective Concrete

  • Cementitious Putties and Plugging Compounds for Non-Structural Cracks and Pin Holes.
  • Crack Injection, Crack Filler / Sealer.

Sealants Used for Joints in Buildings. Sealant is a material which is used to seal the joints between materials such as concrete, glass, aluminium, masonry wall etc. In general joints are provided in the structures to prevent the damage produced by stresses

  • Building Sealants
  • Civil Engineering Sealants
  • Building Sealants
  • Pavement Sealants
  • Joint Fillers