A few words about us

Ellipsis International Limited is Wholesalers and Retailers of Construction Chemicals of Various Brands, Applicators of Epoxy Flooring / PU Flooring, Water Proofing Solutions and Structural Repairing works.

We are the Sole Distributors of BELKA Cotton Wall Coatings for Kenya Market.By working with most of the leading companies in Kenya and East Africa, we have combined our skill with their technology and have created the global business opportunities and the level of quality reliability, product knowledge. Our experience and awareness of customer’s needs enabled us to offer the finest possible services in the fields of our business.

Our Mission

To help our clients to be more successful

Our Vision

To be a firm committed to delivering to our clients, practical leading-edge solutions, with reliability & integrity. Our success is measured by the success of our clients; therefore, we are totally client focused and result oriented. This is clearly embedded in the way we operate - focusing on delivering quality, value & success to all our clients.

Our Strengths

There are many reasons to pick professional, experienced, dedicated company to work with you. Below are just some reasons why that company should be Ellipsis International Ltd.


  1. Experienced Management.
  2. Outstanding record for success
  3. Financially stable
  4. Small Company feel, large company-know how
  5. Aggressive problem solver
  6. Dedicated to our industry
  7. We care about our clients
  8. High Investment in quality equipment

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