Sika Products

We are the Authorised Distributor of SIKA products for Kenya Market.
Sika East Africa regards itself as a "multi-domestic" company, putting the needs of its local customers at the very centre of its business activities. The company's products and systems, backed by comprehensive service packages, are carefully tailored to local market needs.

Concrete Technology / Admixtures

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Builders Merchants / DIY Products

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Following are the details of various other products available relating to Construction, Maintenance and Repairs of Buildings, Roads, Bridges, Concrete-Mixtures, Floorings, Roofings etc.
•Cement Technology - Performance Enhancers in the production of Cement
•Concrete Technology/Admixtures - Solutions for Ready Mix Concrete, Precast Concrete, Sprayed Concrete, Watertight Concrete etc.
•Concrete Maintenance and Repair - Solutions for Concrete Protection, Cracks, Exposed Steel, Embedded Steel, Joints etc.
•Flooring - Resin Based Flooring Systems, Cementitious Flooring Systems etc.
•Grouting - Products for Cementitious Grouts, Epoxy Grouts etc.
•Gypsum / Mortar Additives - Additives for Dry – Mortars etc.
•Injection - Products for Waterproofing Injection, Structural Injection, Injection Hoses etc.
•Joint Sealing - Solutions for Sealing Façade Joints, Floor Joints, Roof Joints, Glass & Wet Room Joints, General Sealing Civil Structures etc.
•Mortars / Renders and Screeds - Products for Cementitious based Mortars, Epoxy based Mortars etc.
•Protective Coating - Products for Chloride & Carbonation Protective Coatings for Concrete, Protection for Reinforcing Steel, Protective Linings for Concrete Tanks etc.
•Roofing - Various Products / Solutions for Exposed Roofs, Gravel Ballasted Roofs, Refurbishment of Metal Roofs, Refurbishment of Existing Bitumen Roofs, Refurbishment of Existing Polymetric Membrane Roofs etc.
•Elastic Bonding - Products for Multi-Purpose Bonding, Wood Floor Bonding, Curtain Walling, Elastic Bonding of Wooden Floors etc.
•Structural Bonding - Products for Rehabilitation of Cracked Concrete Structures, Fast Curing Anchoring Adhesives, Epoxy Adhesives for General Purpose and Structural Bonding of Various Materials etc.
•Waterproofing - Solutions for Waterproofing Basements, Pools, Ponds & Tanks, Drinking & Clean Water Storage, Wet Rooms & Other Structures etc.
•Builders Merchants / DIY Products - Products of Liquid Admixtures, Adhesives, Sealants & Fillers etc.